Pear Marketing Solutions for Brands

Win the hearts & minds of your consumers by tapping into the power of community group connections.

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Precise Targeting Capabilities

Accountable Digital & Social Metrics

High Quality Lead Generation

New Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

Ritz Bits leveraged Pear to engage with hundreds of youth soccer teams across the country, resulting in 71% purchase intent.

85%+ of participants in the U.S. Cellular program turned into cost efficient qualified leads.

How It Works

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Consumers come to Pear to engage with brands & earn support for the groups they care about.
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Advanced Targeting

Pear identifies consumers in groups (or entire groups) that match a brand’s exact targeting.


Brands select the engagements that matter to them & only pay for completed engagements.

We Enable Brands to Drive New Customer Acquisition & Brand Loyalty

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