Pear Social for Brands

Leverage the Pear platform to drive authentic consumer engagement through turnkey sponsorship of targeted grassroots groups nationwide.

Precise Targeting Capabilities

Accountable Digital & Social Metrics

High Quality Lead Generation

New Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

Ritz Bits leveraged Pear to engage with hundreds of youth soccer teams across the country, resulting in 71% purchase intent.

Drove a 22% lift in Verizon Wireless brand favorability across the country through sponsorship of hundreds of millennial and family groups.

85%+ of participants in the U.S. Cellular program turned into cost efficient qualified leads.

Our Proven Process

Define your target consumer and engagement goals.
Pear enables your brand to engage directly with local groups at scale.
Pear optimizes real-time to deliver against target engagement, lead gen and customer acquisition benchmarks.
Leverage our powerful analytics and unique consumer insights.

We Align Brands with Real Communities

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